Cleaning and disinfecting is a critical part of the bird control solution. Removal of the nests and droppings prevents lice and a number of diseases. Droppings are also acidic, unsightly and carry a number of airborne diseases.  It is crucial that they are removed by qualified personnel with the correct safety equipment and disposed of correctly.

Cleaning is essential. Droppings have been known to cause ceilings to cave in due to their sheer weight.

Lastly, wet droppings are slippery and pose a risk to staff or customers.

Our staff are trained in all aspects of OHSA and wear the appropriate safety equipment. We have service staff that are trained in rope access safety to ensure we are able to reach all points in buildings.
Bird Control SA manufactures our own cleaning and disinfectant materials that are food graded and effective in the cleaning of bird droppings.
We utilise high pressure washing equipment.