Pest Bird Removal

Critical to the success of any bird control solution is the removal, all be it temporary, of the pest birds on site.

This is required to ensure that birds are not trapped by the solution employed to keep them out.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting is a critical part of the bird control solution. Removal of the nests and droppings prevents lice and a number of diseases. Droppings are also acidic, unsightly and carry a number of airborne diseases.

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Pest birds are highly adaptable creatures and will go to any lengths to overcome a bird control solution.

Maintenance contracts ensure all installations are kept at a high standard.

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BCSA Rental Agreements

More often than not, organisations do not budget for the purchase of pest bird control solutions. Bird Control SA offer rental agreements for periods of 24 to 36 months

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